About Us

Alta Vista's History

Alta Vista is one of the District’s oldest elementary school campuses. Historical reports show that the school was constructed after a committee of citizens reported to El Paso Public Schools officials the need for a new school because 243 school-age children lived beyond the Bassett Addition in what was then East El Paso. Construction began on the 11-room building on April 5, 1912. The initial cost of the building was $21,600. On the first day of school, September 5, 1912, there were 148 students in grades low and high first, second and third grades.

The school has since grown to 412 students; and the building has seen classroom additions and remodeling throughout the year. It now has 34 classrooms.


Mission Statement

We will strive in becoming partners in possibilities by ensuring the quality living skills, developing and fostering self-esteem, increasing student skills mastery, and involving parents in creating an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement.



Our goal is to continue being a school of excellence.